Minneapolis elected officials – from the mayor and City Council to the Parks and Recreation Board – have a lot of power. Their votes on local policies can influence your wages, your rent and even the quality of the air you breathe. But you, the voter, have even more power. With your vote, you can put someone into those seats who is the kind of person who understands your neighborhood and can bring what your community needs. That’s why we at the Twin Cities Daily Planet developed a voters guide for the 2017 Minneapolis municipal elections.





A flagship media arts project of the Twin Cities Media Alliance, the Twin Cities Daily Planet is an award-winning online publication that amplifies and connects marginalized voices. Many of this year’s candidates have long political background – as incumbents, as former candidates, in different branches of government or as visible community leaders. Through interviews and archival research, we analyzed several years worth of information to show you not only what the candidates say they believe, but how they have shown up. Through their votes, their jobs, their affiliations and their actions, candidates embody their beliefs through the choices that they make.

All sources of this research have been cited. We hope this information can give you confidence in the choice you will make on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 7.