Al Flowers’ experience includes work as the communication and outreach director for African American Woman and Men In Need, and as the owner of a child care center. He has also served as a member of the Federal Mediation Committee, the founder of the United Black Legislative Agenda, and the host of the MTN TV show “Politically Speaking” and the KMOJ radio show “Community Value Conversations.”

Source: Balletopedia

Flowers criticized the city attorney for defending officers in those suits [regarding assault cases] and not representing residents who file suits. That’s the job of the attorneys for the police guild, he said. “So they have the police union that fights for them and then they have the city attorney,” Flowers said. “The way to fight that is to make the city attorney tell the truth. They’re supposed to represent the citizens, not the police department. That’s what they have the union for.”
Source: Twin Cities Business, 4/11/17

We are absolutely devastated by the travesty of justice of Yanez’s acquittal . We can do better than not guilty on all accounts for murder.
Source: Flowers’ Twitter, 6/6/17

Flowers sued the MPD in 2015 because of the severe injuries to his head and torso he got during a 2014 arrest. Police were called to his residence to check on his daughter for an electric home-monitoring violation.
Source: Star Tribune, 7/10/15

Flowers described the municipal minimum wage ordinance as “the biggest ruse” of the election, predicting it “will kill a lot of small businesses” and ultimately hurt people of color.
Source: The Journal, 6/7/17

“We should hold them accountable,”Flowers said about business owners and fair scheduling. “I would give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re going to do the right thing.”
Source: TCDP Interview, 7/18/2017

“Density bonus, unit size reduction, relaxed parking, direct city subsidy, or in‐lieu payments, could all be used as incentives to create affordable ownership housing units in Minneapolis.”
Source: Al Flower’s Website / Housing

Flowers supports linkage fees – a tax developers pay to the city – to dedicate money for affordable housing development. He said the city needs to prioritize homelessness, especially among youth, and work to increase homeownership to also encourage wealth building among marginalized communities.
Source: Mayoral Housing Forum 10/2/17

“I’m absolutely in support of us being a sanctuary city so I would support what we’re doing now and fighting [against] some of the things that the Trump administration is trying to do,” Flower said, adding he also supports greater access to housing for immigrants and people of color.
Source: TCDP Interview, 7/18/2017

As Minneapolis continues to be more dense and populated, condos and other higher density housing options will need to play a role. …Inclusionary Housing and/or an in-lieu funding option for all new condos would ensure that affordable units were included in these new Minneapolis condo developments.
Source: Al Flower’s Website / Housing

Flowers filed six legal actions with the city of Minneapolis on racial discrimination cases between 2004 to 2007.
Source: MinnPost 12/11/07