Captain Jack Sparrow has previously run for mayor in 2013 and Hennepin County Board of Commissioners in 2014. Most recently he worked with the Occupy Movement. There, as the head of the “Covert Action Committee,” Sparrow was charged with such tasks as opening up vacant homes before the main body of occupiers arrived for our demonstrations and home occupations.

Source: “What has Captain Jack Sparrow ever accomplished politically?”

“I would support allowing the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission to review complaints about police misconduct. While I think the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) has improved under Mayor Hodges and Police Chief Harteau, I don’t think all of the problems involving police brutality and racism have been solved.”
Source: Southside Pride, 3/7/17

“Police brutality and overt racism are serious problems in Minnesota and the rest of the country, but Black Lives Matter accusing police officers of murder even before any investigation has begun, let alone a trial, will make it that much harder to get good applicants to police departments and it will make it even harder to find applicants of color.”
Source: Jack Sparrow’s Blog

“I think the police who shot Jamar Clark were within their rights … In the case of Philando Castille, I agree with the jury… I want better training for police officers but [Yanez] didn’t commit a crime. … I think we should support our police officers when they do the right thing and criticize them harshly when they do the wrong thing.”
Source: TCDP Interview on 7/13/2017

Not only will some not be hired, and others be more likely to lose their jobs or have their hours decreased, as a result of these increases but the higher wages will also result in the employers charging higher prices for their goods and services. This will compound the problems of those laid off or not hired, by making everyone, including those not hired and the newly unemployed, pay more for everything they buy.
Source: Jack Sparrow’s Blog

Sparrow said in order to solve the issue of homelessness in Minneapolis, he would provide support for homeless people or under-employed people to start their own businesses renovating the vacant houses and land the city owns. Then they can not only live in these buildings, but they will also have access to on the job skills training as well as capital to pull them out of poverty.
Source: TCDP Interview on 7/13/2017

As a member of the board of directors for the National Coalition for the Homeless and as Vice President of the Minnesota Area Coalition for the Homeless, Sparrow worked to get those entities to locally and nationally endorse a basic income guarantee in the 1980s.
Source: Captain Jack Sparrows “Occupirate” blog Aug. 2013

The problem of Homelessness and Poverty cannot be solved by creating more shelters, transitional housing programs, or even low income housing. People in poverty need more than shelters, soup kitchens and medical care in order to lead meaningful lives. Clothing, educational materials, transportation, and entertainment are but a few of those things.
Source: Jack Sparrow’s Blog

We believe the most efficient way to provide for housing would be by acquiring or building co-operative living arrangements… To get the project started, the city could acquire some of the over 500 units of vacant foreclosed properties in Minneapolis, using eminent domain. These properties are now considered nuisance properties but there is no reason they cannot be rehabbed into useful homes using the skills and labor provided by those that will later live in them.
Source: Jack Sparrow’s Blog, Aug. 2013

Sparrow has worked with Occupy Homes as the head of the Covert Action Committee.
Source: Captain Jack Sparrow’s “Occupirate” blog Aug. 2013

“I would order the police department not to enforce the laws that would prohibit Minneapolis from being a sanctuary city. I would not have the city police officers doing the work of ICE,” Sparrow said. He added that he is against the $15 minimum wage because it disproportionately effects people of color and immigrants. Part of being a Sanctuary City would also include providing jobs for immigrants, he said.
Source: TCDP Interview on 7/13/2017

Sparrow said he would fight gentrification by actively involving the communities effected in the discussion of economic development. He said he also believes developers should not be allowed to come in Minneapolis and make large profits off of land here. “All land is stolen in this country … they didn’t have private owndership, they used it collectively. And they were conned out of it. I think it should go back to collective use,” Sparrow said. “That property should go back to the community. It should never be speculated.”
Source: TCDP Interview on 7/13/2017

“Our youth, especially African American youth, need jobs. Children need good homes and adequate nutrition in order to learn…” He supports decriminalization and free treatment on demand for drug users. We need proper sex education for people in age groups that can benefit: third and fourth grade.
Source: North News 4/27/17