Raymond Dehn is a Minnesota state representative and community organizer. A member of the DFL Party, he represents District 59B in North Minneapolis.

Dehn grew up in Brooklyn Park, in a working class family. In 1976, at the age of 19, Dehn was convicted of a felony burglary. He served seven months at the Hennepin County Workhouse and was released to a drug treatment program due to his cocaine addiction. He has been sober since his rehabilitation. In 1982, Dehn applied and was granted a full pardon for his felony by the State of Minnesota. He attended the University of Minnesota, graduating cum laude with a bachelor’s in architecture in 1993, receiving his master’s in 1996. He has volunteered with Northside Community Reinvestment Coalition, as well as political campaigns for Rep. Keith Ellison and the late Sen. Paul Wellstone.

Dehn was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives on Nov. 6, 2012 and is currently in his third term. He serves on the Capital Investment, Civil Law and Data Practices, Ethics, and Public Safety committees in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Source: https://www.raymonddehn.com/about-me/
Source: Minnesota State House of Representatives

He said simply increasing police presence in areas like north Minneapolis may not be the best way to address gun violence. Rather, he said, the city should be taking a more comprehensive approach by addressing issues such as poverty, a lack of opportunities and breakdowns in family support systems. “If we don’t address root causes, we can bring in the National Guard for a year, and two or three years later it’s going to be exactly the same,” he said.
Source: MinnPost, 6/7/16

“I think when we talk about issues of policing, we need to be real. It’s a culture that needs to change. That culture starts at the top and goes all the way through the ranks. The first interaction that an individual has with a police officer should never be ‘put your hands on a car.’ … We need to really think about where our officers live, what they look like and what they do.”
Source: Minneapolis Mayoral Forum, 3/8/17

Authored a bill in 2017 that defined a policy for how statewide and local law enforcement agencies use of force, including use of deadly force.
Source: Office of the Revisor / HF 1726

Authored a bill in 2015 to require peace officers do cultural bias training every three years.
Source: Office of the Revisor / HF 615

“Anybody who’s working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks of the year, should be making livable wage in the city of Minneapolis, and that’s $15 an hour,” Dehn said.
Source: Star Tribune, 12/21/16

“I think individuals that are employees, should have the option of knowing when they’re going to work. This whole notion of, what’s it called, ‘clopen,’ where some individuals actually close at 12 o’clock at night and have to be back at 8 o’clock in the morning… I don’t understand how employers run a business that’s successful if that’s the practices that they do.“
Source: Minneapolis Mayor Forum, 3/8/17

Co-uthored a bill in 2014 that established private and public labor standards, including raising the statewide minimum wage.
Source: Office of the Revisor / HF 2091

“The city and the county can look at creative ways of telling landlords that if they have naturally occurring affordable housing, and they can show that, then maybe we hold the line on their property taxes until they decide to sell or make the choice to increase their rent,” he said.”
Source: Star Tribune, 12/21/16

“Before we address inequities in housing, we need to acknowledge that race has been a huge part in how our city developed. We are very very segregated. We need to begin to tackle that very directly.”
Source: Minneapolis Mayor Forum, 3/8/17

Co-authored bills in 2017 to establish a housing trust fund to prevent family homelessness and to provide rental assistance to homeless and highly mobile students.
Source: Office of the Revisor / HF 2520 and HF 2523

“If we’re going to be a sanctuary city, we need to be sure that there’s actually a place for them to live. Because without actually having housing that they can live in, we can say we’re a sanctuary city all we want, but unless we can create an environment for those individuals to bring up their families, to do the types of things that all of us who are here… We need to prepare some of our communities in addressing what happens an ICE vehicle comes in the city. How do they respond, how they notify their friends? All of those things are really critical.”
Source: Minneapolis Mayor Forum, 3/8/17

Co-authored a bill in 2017 that declared Minnesota a sanctuary state for immigration enforcement purposes.
Source: Office of the Revisor / HF 1576

“Dehn praised the plan to create a black-owned credit union in a neighborhood with way too many check-cashing businesses. And he called on north siders to patronize business in the north side and not taking dollars to the suburbs. But Dehn also cited transit as vital for access to employment and asked help resisting proposed cuts at the statehouse.”
Source: Twin Cities Business, 4/11/17

Dehn had a Bush Fellowship which he used to study how people are affected by how we build our cities, focusing what keeps disinvested communities from thriving.
Source: Bush Foundation

Co-authored a bill to create a LGBTQI council within the state House of Representatives.
Source: Mn Government / HF 2689

Authored a bill to restore voting rights for people who are no longer incarcerated.
Source: Mn Government / HF951