Troy Benjegerdes is a farmer and software developer living in East Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis. With a bachelor’s of science from Iowa State University for electrical engineering, Benjegerdes works in the cryptocurrency industry.

Source: Balletopedia

“If a city employee does something stupid off duty, then I might have a private conversation with the officer why this looks bad on future performance reviews. But if you, the public, hear about something stupid done in private, and then bring to my attention something in the public record that documents a pattern of behavior unbecoming Minneapolis’s Finest, or a dereliction of duty to uphold the law and serve the residents of Minneapolis, then the offender will no longer represent the city.”
Source: Troy’s Blog, 9/8/2013

The first thing I’m going to do if I’m elected mayor of Minneapolis is install cameras on every police weapon, and video will be posted on the city website for every shot fired by the police.
Source: Troy’s Blog, 7/17/2013

“We don’t need a minimum wage, we need a basic income for everyone. Whether you work or not, you should get enough money given to you to buy food.”
Source: TCDP Interview, 7/19/2017

Benjegerdes said he would foster business competition as a way of encouraging business owners to treat their staff well and fairly. He said he’d offer grants for anyone who wants to start their own business. “I want to see anyone that is pissed off at their boss to be able to quite and open their own business,” he said. “To do that, everyone needs healthcare. Employer-sponsored health care is a new form of slavery.”
Source: TCDP Interview, 7/19/2017

“[Intentional communities and housing are] better for developers and it’s better for people. The problem is I don’t think developers recognize that it’s better for them. There’s something in the way we provide economic rewards that’s broken,” Benjegerdes said. “The only way we’re really going to have affordable housing is if we provide a basic income.”
Source: TCDP Interview, 7/19/2017

“One of the things that has increased housing costs are the way we write building codes,” Benjegerdes said. “We have to address how the zoning and the building codes are both increasing property values.”
Source: TCDP Interview, 7/19/2017

“We’re not going to get anywhere if we’re using [federal] money. We are not going to be a sanctuary city, we’re going to be a paper tiger, if we don’t have the money to back it up,” Benjegerdes said, adding he would explore local currency options as an alternative.
Source: TCDP Interview, 7/19/2017

“We have to sit down and have a conv. with ppl in these neighborhoods who are at risk,” Benjegerdes said. “I think we have to address how real estate developers and real estate agents make a lot of money on gentrification.”
Source: TCDP Interview, 7/19/2017

We all, who site in comfort, with our employer sponsored healthcare, safe in our homes and property recorded in Hennepin county government center, must make reparations to those who do not share our privilege.
Source: “Mayor Troy” blog 7/19/17