Abdi Warsame was born in Somalia and grew up in the United Kingdom where he studied and attained a bachelor’s in business and a master’s in international business. He moved to Minneapolis in 2006, shortly landing a job in the financial sector.

Warsame was the founder and spokesperson for the Citizen’s Committee for Fair Redistricting, which took part in the redistricting process that aimed to create a more equitable and representative political map of Minneapolis, with the intent to create better opportunities for all residents of the city. The Citizen’s Committee lobbying was a historic success and today’s current map of the city including Wards 6 and 9 are a testament to their hard work.

Warsame was elected to the Minneapolis City Council in November 2013. In winning the seat, Warsame became the first Somali-American elected to the council and the first in the nation to win a municipal election.
Warsame was the former Board Chair of the Cedar Riverside-Neighborhood Revitalization Program as well as the executive director of the Riverside Plaza Tenants Association.

Warsame is a Somali-American and a practicing Muslim. He lives with his family in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis

Source: City of Minneapolis Ward 6

Voted against putting whether police officers should be required to carry police liability insurance on the Nov. election ballot.
Source: City Council Proceedings, 8/5/16

Ward 6 City Council Member Abdi Warsame said he supported the city’s investment because neighborhoods in his ward are often under-policed. …

“Yes, we do need to have a better relationship between the community and the police. Yes, we do need to invest in alternatives, but we also need to make sure that our streets are safe,” he said.
Source: MN Daily, 12/9/16

“This is step forward towards a fair wage that will impact the lives of 71,000 low-wage workers, mostly people of color and women could not have been possible without the efforts of many workers who organized to pave the way for higher wages.”
Source: June 2017 Newsletter

Voted against putting $15 wage minimum on the ballot in Nov.’s election.
Source: City Council Proceedings, 8/5/16

Co-author of the March 2017 ordinance that prohibits discrimination against Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher holders.
Source: City Council proceedings 3/24/2017

“Having a range of high-quality housing options affordable to people at all incomes, in every neighborhood in our city is a priority for my office.”
Source: Jan. 2017 Newsletter

Voted to increase affordable housing investment by $9 million in 2017, including nearly $210,000 to build 30 low-income units.
Source: City Council Proceedings 11/4/16

“I am calling for all community-based organizations and businesses to not engage CVE and its affiliates, but instead, to find authentic and meaningful ways to build community. This, I believe, is how we truly counter violent extremism.”
Source: MinnPost, 2/23/27

I’ll be clear: CVE divides our communities and perpetuates Islamophobia — it does not make us safer
Source: March 2017 Newsletter

Warsame was the first Somali-American elected to Minneapolis City Council. He was born in Somalia and grew up in Great Britain.
Source: Minneapolismn.gov / About Abdi Warsame

Co-authored a resolution condemning President Trump’s executive order Muslim ban. The resolution also established the Sanctuary City Task force.
Source: City Council Proceedings, 2/10/2017

“Minneapolis can and must do better for the residents of Phillips and the East African small business communities. That is why I committed to working with the community and my colleagues on the City Council to create a cooperatively owned mall as a venue to address economic disparities, strengthen communities and promote self-reliance. The city needs to create a mall with significant investment by East African entrepreneurs in a commercial area that is designed for heavy traffic at all times of the day and has reasonable rent and proper facilities.”
Source: Feb. 2017 Newsletter

Absent when City Council passed a resolution to support the resettlement of Syrian Refugees, after he was present earlier in the meeting.
Source: City Council Proceedings, 1/13/17

Accepted $1,100 in campaign donations from developers.
Source: MSP Votes! / Warsame

Voted to repeal spitting and lurking laws
Source: City Council Proceedings, 6/5/2015

Warsame was the founder and spokesperson for the Citizens Committee for Fair Redistricting, a committee that works to create a more equitable political map of the city. The intent behind the committee is to give all residents better opportunities.
Source: Letter to Minneapolis Charter Commission